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Endorsements of CW Construction & Cecil Walker

John W. Pennington III, P.E., Esq.

graphic of blueprints and other planning documents for construction projectI am a Professional Engineer (Fla., Georgia, Maryland) and an Attorney (Florida) and have been in the construction industry (planning, financing, design, construction, mediation, litigation …) for more than thirty years in a variety of roles; Asst. Vice Provost for Facilities Design and Construction, Miami-Dade College and Asst. Superintendent for Construction, Miami-Dade County Schools. I have had the good fortune to know Mr. Walker for what is now over 20 years.

Cecil has worked with me and for offices I headed in a number of different situations. Among and most notable of these was while I served as head of construction for the Dade County School Board, circa 1990 – 1994. This is the 4th largest system in the Nation and at that time had the largest building program of all school system in the United States, 1.6 billion dollars in bond issues and state funding. Cecil first came to us as a management consultant, offering and training construction staff in program management techniques and claims control. His work laid the foundation for our control of the construction program. He was without a doubt the most effective consultant we brought in (there were, as you can imagine, many) and truly made it clear that we were more important than just another listing on their brochure.

In 1992 the area and the schools were devastated by Hurricane Andrew. Cecil brought here and led a team that organized, managed and, as is so necessary with public funds, was able to account for the work and expenditures in re-roofing, rebuilding and cleaning some 150 schools in a 3 week period to allow the system to open and operate. Under his leadership we utilized a method of contracting pre-approved contractors with performance criteria and confirming payment by area surveys. It was unique in the state and actually required approval from Tallahassee as an emergency method. We later had an accounting review which showed that under his leadership we had gotten both better performance and at less cost than the private sector had during the recovery time.

Mr. Walker and CW Construction have been equal to every situation and has shown professionalism, quality of performance and reliability (often in the face of great adversity) which put him beyond any individual or organization this writer has worked with in more than thirty years in the development/design/construction industry on three continents. His work as a contractor is above reproach and his professional performance both personally and corporately as a Construction Manager has saved my organization significant time, money and difficulties on a variety of projects.
Mr. Walker possess a unique set of skills, education, enthusiasm and experience which enable him to not only perform superbly as an individual contributor, but to attract others with those qualities, to motivate and lead them to achieve excellent results. As the representative of the owner I can say without question my office was never disappointed, let down or given reason to regret having Mr. Walker, CW Construction and his team on board nor for taking his advice and counsel. Importantly, we were also never left with unfinished work, a blown budget or a broken schedule for a project for which he was responsible.

In addition to the professional and technical expertise Mr. Walker brings to the table, he also has consistently maintained the highest personal integrity, honesty and concern for the owner’s situation, needs and goals. I won’t go on more about Mr. Walker’s construction experience and expertise nor the capabilities of his company CW Construction. I would like to say that Cecil is someone with whom I am proud to have been associated and who brings out the best in those with whom he works and directs. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him and his company at any time.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can do.

John Pennington
Executive Director
Capital Construction Compliance
Dade County Public Schools

Ray Bagshaw

Our construction management team is proud to recommend Cecil Walker. He has completed several construction projects here at Walt Disney World Resorts. Cecil always met our timelines and quality standards which can be very challenging here as we often have fast track projects that affect our guests’ experience. I have worked with Cecil while in Construction Procurement for Walt Disney World and also in my current position. While attending Native American Conferences and talking to other Tribal leaders they have also expressed that Cecil has performed work for Casinos they have developed, designed and built and were very satisfied with the projects. While in Phoenix on a business trip I visited the Gila River Casino, a project over $100 million, which Cecil was the lead of the management, development, design and construction team. The Tribal leaders confirmed that he had performed an exceptional job for them. I have known him for over 20 years and he has always been a person of integrity and will do an excellent job for you. I highly recommend Cecil Walker and CW Construction.

Joe Gallagher

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cecil Walker and CW Construction.

I first met Mr. Walker in 1999 as we began the Leadership Seminole Class of 2000 in Seminole County Florida. This is a program for outstanding leaders of Seminole County Florida which requires an application and references before the board will consider each individual for the honor of attending the course. The alumni of this course are who today is shaping the future of Seminole County Florida and the economic development of Seminole county Florida. Mr. Walker is a leader who others follow because they want to. He has proven his abilities.

Mr. Walker is well known throughout the State of Florida for his involvement with children, charitable organizations, minority business issues and government relations. He sits on many boards. I know he is involved in the Children’s Home Society, Leadership Seminole, University of Kansas, Associated General Contractors of Florida and numerous Florida State committees involving development, building/construction, building codes and a Native American representative for minority issues in the State Minority Task Force and numerous Native American associations.

In addition, Mr. Walker has been selected many times because of his involvement in Central Florida economic development by Walt Disney World to select organizations that Disney gives over a million dollars in donations. Walt Disney World also invites Mr. Walker to roundtable development discussions where the Central Florida elite are presented with future Disney development plans and asked for their input. I have attended many of these meeting with him.

Mr. Walker was the first Native American President of Associated General Contractors of Florida. He merged 5 separate chapters into one chapter. No one has been able to do this in the past. He led the merger and negotiation of Envision Seminole and Leadership Seminole. Mr. Walker is very articulate, educated and well versed in public speaking and leading people.

Mr. Walker has mentored many companies over the years which have grown to large operations in IT, business, retail operations, housing developments, land development and construction. He has also developed a PEO company from scratch that provided payroll services, health insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. This required him for his client.

Mr. Walker is also very involved with Children, through schools, fine arts, opera, Broadway series, theater, musicals, dance, band, sports and numerous other organizations. He always provides energy and enthusiasm in all of his activities.

Something you may not know, is Mr. Walker performs voice over’s for children’s books. He requires that over 200 books from each contract are sent to Native American tribal libraries around the county. This cost is paid by him. Mr. Walker was raised on his reservation and even though you put him in a tux and bow tie, he has never forgotten his values and where he came from. I have great respect for him.

You have asked for my recommendation of Mr. Walker and I have been rambling on his accomplishments. Mr. Walker has a wide variety of knowledge that can only come with experience. I am a financial planner, and Mr. Walker has also been a mentor to me over the years in building my business.

It is an honor to recommend Mr. Walker to you.

Tony Kostakas

I met Cecil Walker while working For O’Brien Krietzberg on the Ft Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Florida project some 15or so years ago.

Cecil and his company, CW Construction, Inc. were part of the O’Brien Krietzberg Program management team managing the capitalization, design, construction and remodel of the Ft. Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport. This was a $1.2 billion dollar capital project program that included new run ways, terminals, parking garage, concourses, RTR, VTR, roads, bridges and extensive remodel of existing facilities while maintain a fully operational airport facility.

Cecil was part of the program team negotiating with the airlines for their costs and facilitating meeting with county and city representatives. He has an excellent manor in his negotiations and negotiates using education, skill, experience, enthusiasm and decorum. His professionalism and ethics is beyond reproach. His work products are the same.

He was involved in initial planning and visions of the FT Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport. Cecil also established the initial budgets for all projects at the airport and developed the initial schedule for design and construction of all airport projects. In addition, he has exceptional skills in handling construction litigation and mitigation matters. He has the ability to see through the presentations and find the facts. You will find that he is very pro-active in everything he is involved.

Here is another point; Cecil will go into the field and inspect the work under construction. He has the ability to not only inspect the work but to also do the work himself. He is definitely a man that has grown up with construction and development from the bottom and obtained the education and experience to sit at the top. He will go onto any project whether dressed in jeans or a suit and do whatever is needed. He is also a man people will follow.

Mr. Walker and CW Construction have integrity that will bring professionalism and technical expertise to any type of project, Owner, or team. Through the years I have seen his accomplishments. It has been a pleasure working with Cecil Walker and CW Construction, Inc. and I would certainly do so again if the opportunity should arise.

Robert A. Nidzgorski, CPE

I have known Mr. Cecil Walker for over nine years as both a close friend and a business professional. I have worked with Cecil and CW Construction for over six years and know very well his talents as a manager in the work place.

Cecil Walker is a professional that is an asset to any client. He and CW Construction bring a wealth of knowledge to any management. Education and training is an important part of his management style. He believes in it for himself and his employees. He is very adept at motivating his staff to get the best possible performance. If the opportunity was every presented, I would work with Cecil again.

Cecil and CW Construction, Inc. has construction experience with the Corp of Engineers, hotels, resorts, theme parks, school, airports, retail and office buildings

As a negotiator, Cecil works to resolve an issue making it a win/win solution for all parties. His experience as an arbitrator has contributed to his abilities. He understands contract language and the importance in researching an issue before taking an action.

Cecil understands financial spreadsheets, has the ability to review a project cost report, and analyze units of production and what steps should be taken to help improve productivity.

Mr. Cecil Walker and CW Construction have the knowledge, ability and experience that will make your association with and excellent and successful experience.

Kurt E. Thalwitzer, Esq. – Mateer Harbert Attorney at Law

I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Cecil Walker. During the past 13 years, I have had the opportunity to see Cecil Walker gain increasingly valuable experience in both construction management and as a general contractor (and owner). I have represented Cecil and CW Construction as its attorney during this period and am proud to call him my friend.

Mr. Walker has experience in field operations and in virtually all types of commercial construction. He also has experience in construction scheduling and claims (a powerful combination). Cecil Walker’s construction management and general contracting experience runs the gamut from public to private; from construction management to general contracting of large renovation projects to new construction, including theme parks, gaming casinos (multiple), libraries, large prefabricated buildings, prisons, and other commercial projects. Mr. Walker is a master at negotiation, setting priorities, and managing people. He knows the importance of getting to the heart of complicated issues and satisfying owners. Mr. Walker is an excellent teacher in the principals of construction management, Project management and program management. Mr. Walker also possesses a pleasant personality that promotes good working relationships at all levels.

For the above reasons, without reservation, I recommend Cecil Walker.

Kurt Thalwitzer, Esq.
Mateer Harbert

Tracy Turk, Director, Metro Orlando EDC Director, Metro Orlando EDC 

My affiliation with Cecil is primarily through our respective involvement with Leadership Seminole, which is where we first met. He’s an interesting and personable guy, who’s fun to be around and can be counted on to pitch in when a need arises. August 22, 2011

Tom Dziubakowski, Consultant, DHS FEMA

I worked with Cecil Walker at FEMA. I found Cecil to be a knowledgeable, dedicated professional. I enjoyed my association with Mr. Walker and look forward to working with him again. June 8, 2011

Joe A Quetone, Executive Director, FL Governor’s Council on Indian Affairs, Inc.

Cecil does excellent work, takes great pride in finishing a job under the expected performance time and costs while maintaining quality above specifications. He will not sacrifice quality and safety for profit. Cecil has served as a mentor to individuals who are willing to work and are interested in the various aspects of the construction industry. March 21, 2011

Robert “Rab” Walker, Deputy Project Director, Fluor
Working together on several disaster assistance recovery efforts, Cecil has brought to the table a high energy, solutions oriented approach to delivering technical services. With over 35 years experience in a broad array of construction projects spanning low to high rise & light to heavy construction, his management and estimating capabilities are superb. March 9, 2011

Doug Gooch, CEO & President, River Country Development, Inc.

I have worked with Mr. Walker for over 20 years in the Southeast United States. We have known each other for over 35 years. I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Cecil Walker. Professionally Mr. Walker is versed in Program Management, Project Management, Construction Management and Design Management skills and experience. Cecil knows the importance of getting to the heart of complicated issues and satisfying clients requirements on time and within budget constraints. Mr. Walker is a master at negotiation, setting priorities, and managing people. Mr. Walker is an excellent teacher in the principals of Construction Management, Project Management and Program Management. Mr. Walker also possesses great people skills that promote good working relationships at all levels. March 9, 2011

Jack Gonzales – CDP, Principal, Project Management Consultants

To Whom It May Concern: I have known Cecil for over eighteen (18) years and worked with him as the Sr. Project Mgr. on a large $180 million aviation project here in Orlando, lorida. Presently firm deals in the area of energy and facility condition assessments for such firms as Lockheed Martin, Intercontinental Hotels, United State Post Office and major manufacturing plants. We also provide Construction Management services, handling nation-wide building programs for high-volume restaurants, retail and hospitality providers.

On the airport project he provided detailed insight into the proper installation of Airside #4 sanitary and storm systems being installed. He was knowledgeable of the layout proposed and made recommendations as to how to improve the site components to achieve a permitted installation that could eventually be handed over to the City of Orlando. The information provided enabled the Authority to reject the present installation and to comply with city ordinances. Cecil is a rare find in the skill sets outlined above. He has an excellent work ethic; cooperative attitude; is a genuine people person, proactive problem-solver, is a highly skilled and business sensitive for his client. Using his extensive background, he is able to not only to know my type of business and industry, but I have seen him able to bridge multiple industries with these same skill sets. Cecil strives to connect with people and is genuinely interested in building effective business relationships. This is what makes him exceptional in all the industries that he and his business touch. He goes beyond just giving you the facts but gives you his insight, which ensures long established relationships stay nurtured between companies that can outlast individual employee transitions. In this demanding and ever-changing marketplace, Cecil is the kind of unique individual and business that would enhance your professional outlook, produce measurable results in your individual business. March 9, 2011

Rick Lange, President, Hospitality Furnishings, Inc

Cecil is one of the hardest, brightest workers in construction. He sees what most everyone overlooks. Common sense and leadership of project is outstanding. His sense of humor creates a fun atmosphere regardless of the conditions. His sense of safety is paramount whenever he is on a project. His drive to finish a job is always done the right way, with no inappropriate shortcuts. And he is a great guy to boot! March 8, 2011

George Seay, COO Vanson

Cecil is a hard working general contractor with experience in most any facet of the construction industry. Mr. Walk has worked for general contractors, owners and operated his own construction firm. This experience gives Mr. Walker a unique perspective on the construction industry as a whole. I have known Mr. Walker personally for almost a decade and competed against him in business significantly longer than that. Over these years I have come to know Cecil as a man of excellent character, knowledge and common sense. Mr. Walker’s acute business sense and education would be an asset to any business, not only in the construction industry. I cannot recommend Cecil Walker high enough, he has added value to anything we have worked on together. March 8, 2011